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innovate and Exploit

dysfunctionAl markets

NOW is the age of innovation in the insurance and risk management industry.  Be it employee benefits, commercial or personal insurance, the old way is the wrong way. 

New companies and innovative strategies are popping up everywhere.  The days of "bidding" the same standard insurance companies are over.  In today's innovative environment, our clients embrace change and enjoy the benefits of an improved bottom line!  Our clients are the companies and individuals that have grown weary of the ever increasing, unsustainable cost of insurance.

Valentine Insurance Services was founded by Henry Valentine Lindeman in 2018 to embrace this rapidly changing insurance industry landscape.  With over 30 years of  accounting, consulting and risk management experience, we are well prepared to revolutionize how you manage risk.  We manage over $35 Million in premiums and self funded claims for over 18,000 clients nationwide. 


Rather than pay an agent or broker a percentage commission whereby they make more when premiums increase, we invite you to build a fee structure with Valentine to ensure our financial incentives are aligned.


Send us an email at or call 1.888.223.8973.

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